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    UK General Election, June 8, 2017

    We approach yet another General Election, coming to us all as rather a sur­prise given how recent the last one was, and the apparently fixed term parlia­ments we now have. However, it is happening, and once again we are being asked to vote for individuals, from a variety of different political parties. What is more, it is happening in the …

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    Now is Christ risen from the dead

    A recent survey, published to coincide with the annual Easter celebrations, has revealed that ‘nearly one in four Christians do not believe in the story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead’. When one defines ‘Christian’ as someone who goes to church regularly, the percentage of those who do not believe in the resurrection drops to five percent. However, only 57 …

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    London Attack – Message from the PTS Chairman

    When events such as those which took place in London on Wednesday occur it can be difficult for us to know how to respond. I found that the words of Thomas Cranmer echoed across the centuries to me, urging us as he does to place our trust in the Lord, to follow his paths, and to ask for his assistance …

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    Message from the PTS Chairman on the archbishops’ statement

    I note the statement published this week (January 17th, 2017) by Archbishops Welby and Sentamu of the CofE on the issue of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. What they have said deeply saddened me, and is a further sign of the movement that the CofE is making away from the true gospel. There is too much of note in …

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    Britain bans persecuted Archbishops but welcomes persecutors

    As reported by the Daily Express on December 4, the Archbishop of Mosul, the Archbishop of St Matthew’s covering the Nineveh valley, and the Archbishop of Homs and Hama in Syria were refused entry to Britain to attend the consecration of the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in London, to which the Queen and the Prime Minister sent personal messages of support, …

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  • What’s New

    Annual Cambridge Lecture – Audio Available

    The audio recording of the Annual Cambridge Lecture given by The Rt Rev. Edward Malcolm entitled ‘Ashamed of the Reformation?’ is now available for direct streaming or file download.

    Click blue ‘Play or Download Audio’ button on Home Page to navigate to audio download page, or follow link.

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    Our beloved brother Paul

    Almost every one of Paul’s Epistles begins with much the same form of wording—‘Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ’. Exceptions are those epistles which came not only from him but also from his fellow labourers, as that to the Philippians, or the Epistle to Philemon, where he calls himself ‘a prisoner’. Why did Paul draw so much attention to his …

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    The Visible Church

    To which church do we belong, the Church Visible, or the Church Invisible? I do not mean the same as the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant, but the church that is visible to the world, or one that it not.
    I was in Scotland very recently, on a family holiday, and noticed the large number of churches in cities, towns, …

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    The Importance of Protestantism Today

    What is Protestantism? What is its importance?
    If Protestantism is important, it is clearly important to know what Protestantism is. The churches we today call ‘Protestant’ arose in Western Europe in the wake of the Reformation. Because these churches all emphasized to some degree the right of private judgment, Protestantism soon divided into a number of groups, which themselves divided into …

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    A Protestant Primer on the European Union

    Every nation has a duty to acknowledge the true God. Every nation has a duty to shape its laws in accordance with God’s laws. Because the God who made us knows what is best for us, laws that are shaped in accordance with his moral law will benefit men and women as well as bringing the blessing of God. … …

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    King under the Law

    The year 2015 was the year of Magna Carta, celebrating 800 years since the famous charter was sealed. There have been numerous books and at least two exhibitions commemorating the anniversary, some of which are reviewed in this issue. The great struggle of the barons who forced the charter on King John, and of many other rebels down through the …

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    Luther at Diet of Worms: "My conscience is captive to the Word of God"

    What Price Freedom of Conscience?

    A lecture by a distinguished retired High Court judge in which he criticizes the present-day advance of secularism, and praises ‘Jesuits and puritans’ equally, has to be considered a truly extraordinary event. Just such a lecture was given by Sir Michael Tugendhat last May.

    In recent years, the decisions of the courts have always favoured ‘equality’ at the expense of freedom …

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  • Recent Books

    To all the Saints of God: Addresses to the Church

    Jonathan Edwards   pp401   hardcover   £14.99   Soli Deo Gloria Publications

    This collection of twelve sermons explains the role of the church and its relationship to God. Edwards considers the issues of ecclesiology and membership from a practical standpoint. He also focuses on personal duties in the church. Chapters include The True Excellency of a Gospel Minister; The Necessity of Self-Examination; God Glorified …

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    Reforming or Conforming?

    Eds Gary L. W. Johnson & Ronald N. Gleason pp304  paper  £7.99  Crossway

    Subtitled ‘Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church’, thirteen Reformed scholars take on postmodern evangelicals and provide a solid, biblical critique of their ideas.

    While self-described ‘post-conservative evangelicals’ enjoy increasing influence in the evangelical world, they represent a significant challenge to biblical faith. Popularizers like Brian McLaren (of Emergent …

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    Growing up in Grace

    Murray G. Brett    pp178  Paperback   £9.99   Reformation Heritage Books 

    Christianity as possession is not simply an experience of salvation in the past, nor simply a status once for all bestowed. It is a high and holy vocation to be fulfilled in all who name Christ’s name. We dare not rest until we attain to the prize of the high calling …

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    Puritan Classics

    Puritan Classics from Christian Focus Publications. Titles by Stephen Charnock, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, John Flavel, Henry Scougal, John Owen, Matthew Henry, priced £5.00 – 7.00.

    For details of how to order, please click here.

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    Something must be Known & Felt

    Stuart Olyott  150pp paperback £7.99 Bryntirion Press

    In true Christianity God’s revealed truth is believed, it is lived out, and it is felt. It impacts the soul. If we forget this we will eventually lose biblical religion altogether.
    But what are we to make of our emotions? What does the Bible say? And does it tell us how to know which of …

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    Light From Old Times

    J.C. Ryle   pp432   cloth   £15   Banner of Truth

    The nineteenth century was an age that witnessed great progress in many areas of exploration and learning. However, according to J.C. Ryle, it was an age of great ignorance too. ‘With all the stir made about education’, he wryly observed, ‘the ignorance of our own country’s history is something lamentable and appalling and …

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    John Calvin’s Sermons on Titus

    John Calvin  pp312   cloth   £15   Banner of Truth

    Calvin’s expository sermons to the great congregation of St Peter’s, Geneva, taken down in shorthand and then published across Europe, were among the most sought-after volumes of the sixteenth century. In the late 1570s, translated from the French, these bulky volumes flowed through London’s bookshops and none was more popular than the ‘One …

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    A Sad Departure

    David J. Randall   pp216   paperback   £7.50   Banner of Truth

    Subtitled ‘Why we could not stay in the Church of Scotland’.

    If you care at all about the Christian church you must brace yourself for a roller coaster of emotions as you read A Sad Departure.  It is a thoughtful, honest and solemnising book written out of a deep personal and pastoral concern …

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    Serving with Calvin

    Terry L. Johnson 400pp paperback £13.99 Evangelical Press

    Terry Johnson’s 2014 Worshipping with Calvin (EP Books) promised a follow-up work that would focus on implementation. Serving with Calvin is that work. Whereas Worshipping with Calvin argued for the revival of historic Reformed ministry and worship by focusing on its biblical, theological, and historical foundations, Serving with Calvin focusses on the nuts …

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    Scottish Theology in Relation to Church History

    John Macleod   396pp  £16  Cloth  Banner of Truth

    Scotland has made a unique contribution in the field of theology, and the influence of its theologians has been and continues to be felt across the world. Indeed it was an American audience for whom John Macleod prepared this narrative of Scottish Theology, which was originally delivered as lectures to students at Westminster …

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