Michael Nazir-Ali

Rev. Dominic Stockford, Chairman of the PTS Council says:

It was with disappointment and sadness that I learnt of Michael Nazir-Ali’s adoption of the “blasphemous fables and dangerous deceits” (39 Articles, 32) of Rome.

Disappointment, because not only was the release of the information clearly managed in such a way as to be trying to create confusion amongst others, the intention also appears to have been to prevent true Christians who have known and cared for Michael from seeking to convert “the sinner from the error of his way” (James 5:20). Something it is reported Archbishop Welby failed to try to do.

Sadness, because the given reasons for this move appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with right doctrine, and everything to do with fleeing from secular wokery. I fully sympathise with his flight from the CofE (which I myself have described as “institutionally apostate”). But to ally himself with the theological deceits of the Church of Rome because it might oppose “identity politics and cultural correctness”* is blinkered about the compromising reality that is Rome, and also throws aside true faith and Biblical doctrine in the rush to attack passing worldly fads.

Astonishingly, the ‘Church Militant’ website reports the following: “…efforts were made at the highest level of the Vatican to dissuade 72-year-old Nazir-Ali from converting to Catholicism. First, Nazir-Ali isn’t the kind of convert we are looking for under the Francis pontificate. Second, such a high-profile conversion is a setback to ecumenism. Third, Pope Francis seems to have always indicated he believes in the validity of Anglican orders,” a senior Argentinian-based Anglican cleric who knew Cdl. Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires told Church Militant.”**

If true, this once again clarifies Rome’s desire to infiltrate and undermine Protestant truth by any means possible, and their desire to get others to join them in deceptively attempting this. What true church would act in this manner? Why would anyone join a group that asked them to be involved in such worldly machinations?  

*Nazir-Ali – quoted in various media articles


Is Britain still a free country?

Christians throughout Britain have expressed outrage at the wrongful arrest of an elderly Christian minister in Uxbridge on Friday April 23. Pastor John Sherwood was handcuffed, led off and held overnight in a detention centre. His ‘crime’ was preaching from Genesis that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. And that there are only two sexes. He was arrested for a purported breach of s5 of the Public Order Act 1986. This was because three members of the public complained to the police that they had been offended by what he had said. However there is no offence under the Public Order Act unless threatening and abusive language is used. He was only released from the detention centre the following day after representations made by a Christian solicitor.

It appears that the police have learned nothing from the wrongful arrest of a Nigerian pastor in Southgate two years ago. We were then given assurances that freedom of speech would be respected. But this brutal false arrest and imprisonment give the lie to such statements. The police are now becoming the woke enforcers of an anti-Christian agenda. They arrest, unlawfully, those who are expressing politically incorrect views. Other offences are either left unprosecuted or handled with kid gloves. While violent crime in our cities is growing at an alarming rate.

This unlawful policing against such a soft target as a Christian pastor in his early seventies, who was simply expounding the bible, is a serious threat to free speech. It must stop. Police can only arrest people for breaking the law. Their powers of arrest end there. And they need to know what the law is. Freedom of expression is a vital and precious heritage of this nation’s Parliamentary democracy. Lord Justice Sedley, in the landmark ruling in Redmond-Bate v DPP, said – ‘Freedom to speak inoffensively is not worth having … From the condemnation of Socrates to the persecution of modern writers and journalists, our world has seen too many examples of state control of unofficial ideas.’ Those words are of abiding importance.

This country is, historically and constitutionally, a Christian country. That has been our strength. But that Christian foundation has been attacked and weakened. It will be a shameful tragedy if the agents of the state are allowed to become an anti-Christian enforcement agency. But Christians will continue to preach the gospel whatever the state does. The Christian faith was born of suffering. When the apostle Peter was forbidden to preach he refused to comply – ‘We ought to obey God rather than men’ Acts 5:29. But it is shameful that, in a so-called Christian country, believers are increasingly faced with that choice.

Cambridge Lecture 2019

The PTS Annual Cambridge Lecture will be held (D.V.) on Monday November 25, 2019, 7.30pm, at The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UB.

Duncan Boyd will be speaking on The Protestant Constitution after Brexit, and there will be opportunity for questions after the lecture.

New Scotland Yard Gospel Witness

On March 27, 2019 a number of Christians gathered outside New Scotland Yard in a witness organized by The Protestant Truth Society.

The witness highlighted the case of a recent abuse of police authority in the unlawful arrest of an elderly Nigerian man, Oluwole Ilesanmi, for preaching on the street near Southgate Underground Station. While challenging the authorities concerning free speech, organizers desired to preach the gospel to the police who were present and to passersby. Peter Simpson, Mike Overd (himself acquainted with attacks from the police), Andrew Price, and Regan King all opened up God’s word, proclaiming repentance of sin and salvation in Christ alone

Christian literature was distributed throughout the time, including a special leaflet prepared for the occasion by PTS Council member Duncan Boyd entitled Defend the Freedom to Preach. In this leaflet Mr Boyd backed those who preach on the street:

There is a long tradition of public preaching in this country which must be upheld and which the police should respect. Their powers of arrest are currently being abused. Merely saying that homosexuality is a sin, or that Islam is not a true religion, are not grounds for arrest. Christians are commanded to ‘preach the gospel in season and out of season’. This Christian witness has been a great blessing to our troubled nation. True peace, for people and nations, can only be found in the God who made us. And we can only come to know Him through repentance and faith in His Son Jesus Christ, ‘the Prince of Peace’. These great truths must be heard.

See the video made for this event (links to YouTube)

See the video made for this event (links to YouTube)

PTS Council Chairman Dominic Stockford describes the day:

On Wednesday, March 27, a small group of Christians gathered in front of the imposing building ‘New Scotland Yard’. Our intention was to highlight the way in which Christian street preachers are treated in a way inconsistent with the way the police treat preachers of other religions – notably Islam. We wished to convey our dismay at this, in what is nominally a Christian country, and protest against it.

For most of the day our numbers were exceeded by the numbers of police on hand – not only were there at least 7 officers watching us, plus two armed officers, there was also at least one van full of officers on the other side of the road for almost the entire time we were there. It was intimidating, and many would have found it difficult just being there, let alone handing out leaflets and preaching.

After the chairman began with prayer, and the reading of John 1:1-18. Following this the witness began. Four men preached, Rev. Peter Simpson, Rev. Regan King, Mr Andrew Price and Mr Mike Overd. Others handed out leaflets and tracts. Many conversations were entered into with passers-by, only a small number of whom were openly hostile. The chairman spent the afternoon holding placards so they could be read by those driving past. Some of those wound down their windows and listened in to the preaching whilst they waited in the inevitable London jams. Though many in number the police were polite – we pray they listened to, and heard what was said.

One moment of note. A coach driver hurried across to us and asked, ‘Are you protesting about the preacher who was arrested and dragged off the other day?’ ‘Yes’, we replied. “Thank you”, he said, “I’d stay, but my passengers are just coming back.” We thanked him for his support, and were grateful that he made the effort to come across, even for a moment. 

We thank God for the afternoon, and pray for the courage to grasp future opportunities to stand up for the place of the gospel in public life.

Please let us know if you would like to be informed of similar events in the future.

Central London Street Preaching Witness

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for street preachers and those involved in evangelism to come under attack or harassment by local authorities.


The Protestant Truth Society is organizing a witness to Christ and to remind relevant authorities of the legal freedoms we have to proclaim Jesus Christ.

This witness is scheduled to take place outside New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, London, SW1A 2JL on Wednesday, 27 March 2019 at 2.30pm until 6.30pm.
New Scotland Yard is a brief walk from Westminster Underground Station.
All you need to bring is yourself. We will provide some Scripture verse posters and placards.

Click on the image below to download the leaflet.

The witness will include some street preaching. We have formally notified the police of the time and place of this witness.
If you are willing to be involved in this way please contact by email Duncan Boyd or Regan King.
We look forward to seeing you on the day!

We preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord

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Director of Ministry

New Position: Director of Ministry

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It is expected that candidates will be recognised ministers with strong preaching gifts and some pastoral experience. They must be willing to travel and able to work on their own initiative. In return, the successful applicant will receive a competitive salary, expenses, and appropriate benefits.

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