The History of The Protestant Truth Society

The Protestant Truth Society was founded back in 1889 by the late John Kensit (1853 – 1902, pictured at left) to take a stand against the growing influence of Romanism within church and nation. From small beginnings the work soon began to grow, and in 1898 the first band of Wickliffe Preachers was appointed. In 1905 the Kensit Memorial Bible College was established in Finchley, to train the Wickliffe Preachers in their work of declaring the gospel and defending the faith.

Today, our world is very different from that of 1889. Britain no longer ‘rules the waves’, and she no longer has an Empire, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Political, social and technological change is continual, but the needs of men’s hearts are still the same, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is still the only hope for a weary, sin-sick world.

Romanism is still at variance with the gospel, but so are false religion, irreligion, atheism and all those philosophies and ideologies which set themselves against the truth as it is in Jesus, and enslave the hearts and minds of men and women.