Trinity Digital, producers of the acclaimed documentary on John Knox, are embarking on a new major film.

“Morningstar” looks at the life and legacy of John Wycliffe, the man behind the first translation of the whole Bible into English.

Living 150 years before Martin Luther, John Wycliffe has been called the Morning Star of the Reformation. He and his followers foreshadowed both the religious revolution that was to come, and the spiritual revival that accompanied it.
It was Wycliffe’s focus on the Bible that formed the basis for all he did and taught. That focus remains both a challenge and an inspiration for us today.
Blending elements of both drama and documentary, “Morningstar” will bring the story and thought of John Wycliffe to a wide, contemporary audience.
The film is due for release in late 2021.


Murdo Macleod, director of “Morningstar”, says:
Very often, Christians see their faith only in terms of the New Testament age and the present. The intervening two thousand years are seen as quite irrelevant. Yet the long chain of saints and stories that connects us, generation by generation, right back to the apostles is anything but boring. It is not only an epic saga in its own right, but it helps to ground and contextualize our own Christian experience. We are not living as Christians in a vacuum…Through films like “Morningstar”, we aim to shine a light on Christians of the past, and provide illumination into our own Christian lives in the present.
The production company behind “Morningstar”, Trinity Digital Ltd, (Scottish Charity SC508535) is reliant on the enthusiasm and financial support of the Christian community.
Supported in part by the Protestant Truth Society they have raised two thirds of the funds for the film, having run a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Morningstar Website

The Morningstar official website contains more information and a promotional trailer.

Further details on Interviewees in the film

Dr Susan Royal, Lecturer in Reformation Studies
Rev. Dr Ian Hamilton, Professor of Theology
Rev. Dr Stephen Lahey, Professor of Classics and Religious Studies



Trinity Digital’s film “Knox” can be viewed via this link
Won “Best Documentary” at the International Christian Film Festival.
Nominated for “Best Factual” with BAFTA Scotland New Talent.