Rev. Dominic Stockford, Chairman of the PTS Council says:

It was with disappointment and sadness that I learnt of Michael Nazir-Ali’s adoption of the “blasphemous fables and dangerous deceits” (39 Articles, 32) of Rome.

Disappointment, because not only was the release of the information clearly managed in such a way as to be trying to create confusion amongst others, the intention also appears to have been to prevent true Christians who have known and cared for Michael from seeking to convert “the sinner from the error of his way” (James 5:20). Something it is reported Archbishop Welby failed to try to do.

Sadness, because the given reasons for this move appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with right doctrine, and everything to do with fleeing from secular wokery. I fully sympathise with his flight from the CofE (which I myself have described as “institutionally apostate”). But to ally himself with the theological deceits of the Church of Rome because it might oppose “identity politics and cultural correctness”* is blinkered about the compromising reality that is Rome, and also throws aside true faith and Biblical doctrine in the rush to attack passing worldly fads.

Astonishingly, the ‘Church Militant’ website reports the following: “…efforts were made at the highest level of the Vatican to dissuade 72-year-old Nazir-Ali from converting to Catholicism. First, Nazir-Ali isn’t the kind of convert we are looking for under the Francis pontificate. Second, such a high-profile conversion is a setback to ecumenism. Third, Pope Francis seems to have always indicated he believes in the validity of Anglican orders,” a senior Argentinian-based Anglican cleric who knew Cdl. Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires told Church Militant.”**

If true, this once again clarifies Rome’s desire to infiltrate and undermine Protestant truth by any means possible, and their desire to get others to join them in deceptively attempting this. What true church would act in this manner? Why would anyone join a group that asked them to be involved in such worldly machinations?  

*Nazir-Ali – quoted in various media articles