Our Great Protestant History & Heritage

This is a popular church history club for children and young people. It aims to give the young a grounding in our great Protestant history and heritage.

Based around a number of topic books, each of which focuses upon a leading character from church history, the Club has members drawn from throughout the United Kingdom.

The Time Travellers’ Club publishes instructive and engaging booklets for children on a variety of heroes from Protestant history. They are ideal for families, churches, Sunday schools, Christian schools, and homeschoolers.

Dr Joel R. Beeke

The exciting accounts of those who have shaped our Christian history are well told, and the accompanying activities will fix the story in the minds of young readers.

Brian H. Edwards

Each booklet provides colour timecharts. There are maps, quiz pages, historical summaries, and pictures, which together will attract the children’s attention whilst providing them with vital history … Many adults also will secretly enjoy learning some history the easy way.

Jill Masters

I have been so impressed by the Time Travellers’ Club children’s teaching material … I thank God for material that will help the next generation to be discerning.

Rico Tice

For more information, please e-mail the TTC Co-ordinator, Mr Paul Austen, at ttc@protestant-truth.org

Paul Austen

Paul Austen was raised in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Paul was much blessed in his youth under the ministry of former PTS Chairman, Rev. Gordon Murray. Paul has worked for the Society on a part-time basis for a number of years running the Time Travellers’ Club.