Our Preachers

Rev. Stephen Holland (North of England)

The Rev. Stephen Holland is a native of Wales and came to saving faith in Jesus Christ at the age of eighteen. After a brief study with those falsely called Jehovah’s Witnesses, he came to realize salvation is not something that can be worked for or achieved by human merit. Rather, it was something that was bought for sinners at great cost to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Stephen trained for the ministry at the Faith Mission Bible College, and at the London Reformed Baptist Seminary. In 2003 he took up the pastorate of Westhoughton Evangelical Church in the North West of England. He serves as the North of England PTS Wickliffe Preacher.

Contact Stephen at stephenholland@protestanttruth.com

Rev. Paul Dowling (Northern Ireland)

The Rev. Paul Dowling was born in 1969 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, and brought up in a Christian home. He came to faith at 17, and committed his life to serving the Lord.

Paul spent a year in Faith Mission Bible College, a year on the London City Mission City Evangelism Course, and three years in the Irish Baptist College. He was minister in Whiteabbey Congregational Church for 16 years.

Paul is married to Rebekah and they have four grown-up children, Samuel, Hannah, Bethany, and Cherith.

Contact Paul at pauldowling60@gmail.com

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Preaching Subjects

In addition to regular preaching, the Wickliffe Preachers have spoken on the following subjects during recent times:


  • The Atonement
  • Christ Alone
  • Christ our Prophet, Priest and King
  • Faith Alone
  • Grace Alone
  • Holy Scripture: The living and active Word of God
  • Justification
  • Preaching the Resurrection
  • Rome and Biblical Christianity – What’s the Difference
  • Scripture Alone
  • The Solas of the Reformation
  • The Sufficiency of Scripture
  • Word and Spirit in Preaching


  • 18th Century Revival Leaders in Wales
  • Jacob Arminius
  • Baptists in Wales
  • John Calvin
  • Christmas Evans
  • Jonathan and Sarah Edwards
  • Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  • William Gadsby
  • Seth Joshua
  • John Kensit
  • The Protestant Martyrs of Wales
  • The Reformation – Bane or blessing?
  • The 1859 Revival
  • The 1904 Revival
  • Charles Simeon
  • Spurgeon in Wales
  • The Synod of Dort
  • William Tyndale
  • John Wickliffe


  • Calvin and the Atonement
  • Calvin and Contemporary Calvinsim
  • Calvin and the Sabbath
  • Calvinism Old and New
  • Challenging Biblical Inerrancy – A response
  • The Ecumenical Movement
  • The Emerging Church Movement
  • Has Steve Chalke lost the message of Jesus?
  • Is Protestantism history?
  • Islam and Christianity
  • The Local Church and Para-church Organisations
  • A Protestant View of the Christian Life
  • A Protestant View of the Christian Ministry
  • The Reformation of the Church
  • Why did Francis Beckwith, President of the Evangelical Theological Society, return to Rome?
  • Why the Reformation matters
  • Worldliness