Annual Cambridge Lecture

The Annual Cambridge Lecture will be held (D.V.) on Monday November 3, 2014, 7.30pm, at The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UB.

Rev. David Silversides (Loughbrickland) will be speaking on John Knox’s Ministry in England, and there will be opportunity for questions after the lecture.

Why Protestant Truth Still Matters

Dr Garry Williams               Full colour throughout – A5,  44pp (incl. cover)

This booklet sets out the biblical foundation of the five Solas of the Reformation and examines traditional and contemporary Roman Catholic teaching in light of these key Biblical doctrines.


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Director of Ministry

New Position: Director of Ministry

The Protestant Truth Society (PTS) is seeking to appoint a new Director of Ministry (location to be agreed)

The Protestant Truth Society exists to assist Christians and churches to stand for the truth in all its glory and against error in all its forms. The Director of Ministry is responsible to the Council for all aspects of the spiritual work of the Society. He leads the team of Wickliffe Preachers, edits the bi-monthly magazine Protestant Truth, and represents the Society among churches as well as to politicians and the media. His itinerant ministry includes regular teaching on distinctly Protestant themes.

It is expected that candidates will be recognised ministers with strong preaching gifts and some pastoral experience. They must be willing to travel and able to work on their own initiative. In return, the successful applicant will receive a competitive salary, expenses, and appropriate benefits.

John Knox – The Man who Changed a Nation

To mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great Protestant Reformer, John Knox, the Protestant Truth Society has published this 28–page booklet to commemorate his life.

This attractive and very readable booklet, in full colour, brings ‘Knox to life’ for today’s generation. This booklet makes Knox – his life and work, accessible to people of all ages. The booklet provides both a timely reminder of how God graciously blessed our nation in past days; and is a powerful incentive to seek God’s face for such blessing in our own day and generation.

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In the preface, Maurice Roberts says:

The year 2014 is the anniversary of the birth of John Knox, the great Scottish Reformer. Over the intervening years many blessings and benefits have come to our country as a result of his influence. Sound religion, universal education and responsible government are among these blessings, for which our beloved country has been renowned.

What John Knox saw, and which many today have apparently forgotten, is that “righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

Powerful gospel preaching, such as John Knox gave his generation, reaches into the very soul of a nation and the results of it are seen in the way people as a whole behave. This is not surprising because good religion always produces care for others, respect for good law, and a view of life which puts the Bible, the church and the Sabbath on a high level of priority. As a nation we cannot get back to these excellent practices too quickly.

It was said of Knox at the end of his life that he “neither feared nor flattered flesh”. This means that he put his duty to God first, even when it meant running the risk of persecution at the hands of those who did not fear God. This apostolic courage was essential to his faithful stand for truth and righteousness. It is a courage which God’s people need no less today in what is an increasingly secular society.

I have much pleasure in commending this account of the life of Knox and I hope it will be read carefully—and prayerfully.

Sinai-Living God’s Way

The dawn of a New Year provides a very natural opportunity for us as believers to pause and take stock. It is a time when we should both reflect on the year that is past and ask ourselves if in 2013 we truly lived to please and glorify God, and to look forward asking how can we live in 2014 in a way that will produce a greater likeness to Christ.

For many, even for many professing Christians, the solution to living a more holy life seems to be in making New Year resolutions that set a benchmark enable us to live better lives. The answer to living as God has called us to live in Christ is, of course, not in New Year resolutions however well-intentioned, but rather in setting before us the Word of God. Our guide for living is the moral law of God summarized in the Ten Commandments.

The Royal Birth

In July our nation welcomed the arrival of Prince George. This royal baby, who is third in line to the throne, will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. As well as being an established regal name, George is also a saint’s name. St George was an early Christian martyr and is the patron saint of England. There have been six King Georges up to now, most recently the Queen’s father.

My Pocket Companion Diary for 2014

My Pocket Companion Diary for 2014

This popular Christian Diary is now in its 99th year of publication. It includes a text for each day (AV) as well as devotional pages.
Containing 96 pages, it has a laminated cover, available in a choice of two pictorial designs.
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When the Foundations Crumble

All true Christians must surely be saddened and deeply concerned as we have witnessed, in our day, the marginalization of the institution of marriage in our nation.

The recent decision by the Lords to accept the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill redefining marriage was deeply disturbing. It would seem that our nation is now set to defy God and impose this bill with all its evil implications. Our nation is in a desperate state of moral and spiritual declension, reminiscent of the dark days of the Judges, when ‘everyone did that which was right in his own eyes’ (Judges 21:25).The words of Jeremiah the prophet are so relevant and apt for our nation:

How do ye say, We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he it; the pen of the scribes is in vain. The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in them? (Jeremiah 9:8,9)

Political move behind the removal of School heads removed in row over radical Christian helper

Two Scottish head teachers who allowed a preacher from a creationist Christian ‘sect’ to help out at their primary school for more than eight years have been removed from their posts while an inquiry is carried out.
Elizabeth Mockus and Sandra MacKenzie, who share the headship at Kirktonholme Primary in East Kilbride, have been moved to other duties to allow South Lanarkshire Council to investigate.
The helper, Mr Gear also ran a club at the 400-pupil school on Monday evenings and spoke to pupils about his beliefs as part of their religious education lessons.Many parents only realized their children were being exposed to the evangelical group’s agenda when pupils took home creationist books they had been handed at assembly.
Jim Gilhooly, the council’s director of education, said: ‘As indicated to parents, a full investigation into the management practices within the school has been instigated. In order to assist with this, the current head teachers have been moved from the school and re-deployed to other duties within education resources with immediate effect’.
The inquiry will further look at the use of the school premises for the youth club run by the West Mains Church of Christ.
A letter to parents stated: ‘It has been agreed that the West Mains Church of Christ will no longer allow access in schools for the youth club, or any other activity. In my discussions with the parent council, and during the larger parent meeting, it was clear that everyone was keen to see the school move on from the current situation’.
The scandal blew up after two creationist books denouncing the theory of evolution – one called How Do You Know God is Real? And the other entitled, Exposing the Myth of Evolution – were handed out to pupils.
Both were written by American author Kyle Butt, whose other works include a book called, Homosexuality – Sin or Cultural Bad Habit? His books are printed by the Alabama-based Apologetics Press, which is closely affiliated to the Church of Christ.
In a subsequent letter to parents, which was given out after the books were given to pupils, Mrs MacKenzie defended the decision to give the books to pupils.
She said: ‘While I appreciate that not every family in our school are practising Christians, I was only too happy to accept this generous gift on your behalf. I hope you will all accept it in the spirit with which it was offered.’
However, some parents made official complaints to the council about the books, while others threatened to withdraw their children in protest.

Church in Wales votes to permit women bishops

Cheers and applause greeted the result as it was announced at the Governing Body, which is meeting at the University of Wales, Trinity St David in Lampeter, Ceredigion.
Members of the Governing Body removed a clause which would have delayed the implementation of the Bill until a separate Bill providing statutory provision for opponents had been passed.
Instead, the Bill To Enable Women To Be Consecrated As Bishops will take effect next year (12 September 2014); and the Bench of Bishops will now have to prepare a code of practice ‘without delay’ to provide for ‘those who in conscience dissent’ from the ordination of women to the episcopate.
The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said that the bishops would ‘consult widely’ on the code of practice, and would ensure it was debated at the next meeting of the Governing Body at Llandudno in April before being presented in its final form next September.
The voting figures for the Bill, which required a two-third majority in each House, were:
Laity: 57 Ayes, 14 Noes and two abstentions
Clergy: 37 Ayes, 10 Noes
Bishops: 6 Ayes