Edward was born in London to Anglican missionary parents who were home from Morocco at the time, and was raised in a Christian home. He came to faith in Jesus Christ when he was 14, and believed, himself, then to be called to full-time ministry when older. After leaving school Edward worked for a number of years in the printing industry, first in Wolverhampton, and later in Reading.

Here he met and married his wife, Katrina, and they have been blessed with four lovely daughters. Aged 30, and knowing he had put off the call for some years, he went to the London Theological Seminary, after which he was appointed to a curacy at his home church, St Mary’s Castle Street, which by then had separated from the Church of England, and later was appointed minister. Edward joined the Council of PTS in 2000.inspires him to persist with Christ’s work, trusting that He will use his words for His purpose.