Bishop Felix Orji, of Nigeria, stated that “The Archbishop of Canterbury and his friends in the Anglican Communion (TEC, ACOC, Church of Scotland, and many Anglican provinces in Africa and South America) have chosen to disregard the teaching of the Bible in the areas of human sexuality, gender, marriage, and the uniqueness of Jesus as the ONLY way to salvation for sinners. They have no regard for biblical doctrine and morality and refuse to accept the fact that the basis of Christian fellowship is mutual commitment to Christ as our only Saviour and Lord and the Bible as the primary authority for Faith and practice. He has invited practicing gay and lesbian Bishops who are in same-sex ‘marriages’ to be part of the Lambeth Conference. That is unacceptable. After several years of protests and unfruitful Ndabas (dialogue) nothing has changed. That is why the Anglican Provinces of Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and ACNA have rightly chosen to absent themselves from the forth-coming unholy fellowship called the Lambeth Conference.”

There will be wide support for his comments from faithful Christians around the world. The response from Justin Welby was predictably critical, and quite hostile. David Virtue stated that “they went on a rampage saying their failure to come was ‘unbiblical’, with God calling us to unity and not to conflict.” Archbishop Henry Ndukuba of Nigeria, Archbishop Laurent Mbanda and Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba replied to Welby in a letter that they will not “join the multitudes to do evil” or “dine with you against scriptural principles”. Welby’s appeal that “the way that the Church has dealt with disagreement has been by prayerful discussion and listening to the views of those who differ” was countered as mere “virtue-signaling that condones evil by hiding behind endless prayer and discussion, thereby giving the impression that what is really laudable is the discussion rather than the decision to obey the clear word of God on the pressing issue of human sexuality and marriage.”

It seems that Welby and his companions continue to sup at the table of compromise, and would rather other Christians do the same rather than deal with the major doctrinal differences from Scripture for which they are rightly criticized. It is no wonder that some have stated openly that they believe the Church of England, and other denominations mentioned above, to be institutionally apostate. It is worth remembering that Lambeth Resolution 1:10, setting the Anglican standard for human sexual behaviour, written back in 1998, rejects homosexual practice as incompatible with Scripture and, “upholds faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman in lifelong union, and believes that abstinence is right for those who are not called to marriage.”

It would, of course, be right to point out that even back then Resolution V35 from the West Africa Region said clearly, “(b) stands on the Biblical authority and accepts that homosexuality is a sin which could only be adopted by the church if it wanted to commit evangelical suicide”, and was put to the Conference in the form of an amendment to Resolution I.10 but was defeated. So also, Resolution V.1 from Central and East Africa Region, stating that, “This Conference: … (d) believes that in this regard, as in others, all our ordained Ministers must set a wholesome and credible example. Those persons who practise homosexuality and live in promiscuity, as well as those Bishops who knowingly ordain them or encourage these practices, act contrary to the Scriptures and the teaching of the Church. We call upon them to repent;” was similarly defeated.

It was therefore a very low bar set by that Conference, despite Resolution 1:10 being somehow passed. It appears that the bar has now dropped yet further, and that God’s Word and its clear teaching on sexuality and marriage has been categorically rejected by Archbishop Welby and the above named denominations. It has been commented by one onlooker that, “The ‘Canterbury communion’ is dying and desperate; in their pride they will do anything but turn to the Lord in repentance… for forgiveness and renewal.” Sadly, this seems to be true. We continue to see how those who remain faithful to Scripture are accused of being divisive and unkind, whilst those who follow the ways and mores of fallen mankind describe themselves as ‘loving’ and ‘caring’. Let us remember that the fear of God is the best remedy against the fear of man.